Mark Diamond

Managing Director and CEO

Mark Diamond has over 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Before joining Antisense Therapeutics Limited as MD and CEO in 2001, Mr. Diamond was employed in the US as Director, Project Planning/Business Development at Faulding Pharmaceuticals. Prior to this he held the positions of Senior Manager, Business Development and In-licensing within Faulding’s European operation based in the UK and International Business Development Manager with Faulding in Australia.

Nuket Desem

Director of Clinical & Regulatory Affairs

Ms Desem has over 25 years’ experience in global regulatory affairs, clinical development and project management obtained through her roles within the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry, including senior positions in various biotechnology companies. Ms Desem was previously employed at Antisense Therapeutics (2004–2010) as the Company’s Development Director where part of her responsibility was the management of ANP’s clinical trial programs. Major achievements in this role included the successful conduct and completion of the Company’s multinational Phase IIa clinical trial of ATL1102 for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. Nuket joins Antisense Therapeutics from Paranta Biosciences, where she held the position of Director Clinical and Regulatory Affairs. Prior to Paranta, Nuket was Senior Manager Development and Regulatory Affairs at Prana Biotechnology. Earlier, Nuket served as Vice President Clinical and Regulatory Affairs at Spinifex Pharmaceuticals and was responsible for the management of the company’s regulatory and clinical trial programs. In this role, Nuket completed multiple clinical trials including a successful multinational proof of concept study of EMA401 in patients with post-herpetic neuralgia. Spinifex was acquired by Novartis for continued development of EMA401. Previously, Nuket spent over 10 years at CSL Limited in R&D and Regulatory Affairs. Nuket holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from La Trobe University and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Monash University.

Phillip Hains

Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary

Phillip Hains is a Chartered Accountant operating a specialist public practice, ‘The CFO Solution’. The CFO Solution focuses on providing back office support, financial reporting and compliance systems for listed public companies. A specialist in the public company environment, Mr Hains has served the needs of a number of company boards and their related committees. He has over 30 years’ experience in providing businesses with accounting, administration, compliance and general management services.

Dr George Tachas

Director, Drug Discovery & Patents

Dr Tachas, received his Ph.D from the University of Melbourne in 1988 and a Diploma of Intellectual Property Law in 1994. Dr Tachas Ph.D studies (1984-88) were in gene transfer, cloning and characterising of genes important in immunology at the Centre for Cancer and Transplantation (now the Austin Research Institute) at the University of Melbourne.

Dr Tachas’ three years’ post-doctoral studies (1989-1991) were in the molecular and cellular biology of vascular smooth muscle cells in cardiovascular disease as Head of Molecular Biology at the Cardiovascular Research Unit of the University of Melbourne’s Anatomy Department. It was during this time that he first used antisense oligonucleotides as research tools and developed an interest in antisense as potential therapeutic agents.

Dr Tachas made the move to a leading Australian patent attorney firm, Griffith Hack and Co, in late 1991 where he spent 3 years as a biotechnology assistant and from 1995 to 1998 was a biotechnology-patent law consultant inter alia to the patent firm, Callinan Lawrie. Dr Tachas is well versed in biotechnology patent prosecution, opposition, infringement and licensing, portfolio management and the use of patents as a business tool.

In 1997 Dr Tachas planned to start up an antisense company. Synergy with interests of the Circadian group of companies in also setting up an antisense company led to his roles as exclusive consultant first to Syngene Ltd and then to ATL (2000-2001). Since the ASX listing of ATL Dr Tachas has directed the company’s efforts in expanding its product pipeline and managing the company’s IP portfolio.