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Company presentations & Media

15 November 2023

Antisense Therapeutics Annual General Meeting 2023 Presentation

8 September 2023

Antisense Therapeutics presents to ShareCafe Hidden Gems

28 August 2023

Antisense Therapeutics Open House (Melbourne)

August 2023

Corporate Presentation

PPMD Annual Conference 2023 29 June to 1 July 2023

ATL1102, Targeting Inflammation In DMD and Clinical Development Update

23 March 2023

A Finance News Network interview with Elliott Dean, a top shareholder in ANP, discusses his investing philosophy

26 February 2023

CEO Mark Diamond - Interview on eHealth Radio Network

1 December 2022

CEO Mark Diamond - Interview with Jane King

November 2022

Investor Presentation

4 November 2022

Emerging ASX Gems Presentation by Mark Diamond

Aug 2022

Long Covid-19 Collaboration Outcomes

Evaluating a novel antisense oligonucleotide treatment for DMD

Science/AAAS Webinar

Mitigating Inflammation in DMD and Clinical Development Update

PPMD 2022 Conference Presentation

ATL1102 PROTEOMICS MDA Poster March 13 2022

Muscular Dystrophy Association Conference

Hear from Managing Director & CEO – Mark Diamond

Sharecafe Due Diligence Webinar

Full Poster PDF – WMS 2021

World Muscle Society 2021 Congress

Antisense corporate video overview

Corporate Video